Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 8 - Baby You Don't Have To Live Like A Refugee!

Last session, Zaquesh Rooleg stayed behind on Sriluur to track down the killer of Dexen Croft while the rest of the crew went off to find the treasure of Celis Mott. The crew ended up on Nal Hutta, facing a charge of passing counterfeit Imperial credits. So we frequently cut back and forth between Rooleg’s hunt and the drama unfolding on Nal Hutta.

“You’re Under Arrest!”
When Zahira, Quint, and Gwen return to the spaceport, they are confronted by an Imperial officer and eight storm troopers with the charges of counterfeiting. Four more storm troopers are going through their ship. We have a rather long meta-game discussion about the consequences of fighting or cooperating with the Imperial authorities. Fighting would make them instant refugees from the Empire, leaving them unable to operate any longer above the radar. However, cooperating would mean a courtroom drama, possible imprisonment, a hefty fine and the possible loss of their ship. After some debating, they elect to fight. Since Gwen wasn’t at session, I ruled that she slipped off into the crowd at the first sight of the Imperials.

Zahira plays for time arguing with the Imperial officer while Quint discretely messages Nawnam the Hutt on his communicator asking if he can send some muscle to help them out. Nawnam agrees, in exchange for a future favor and two heavily built Twi’lek mercenaries show up in the crowd and give Quint the high sign.

Zahira spends a force point, draws her blaster, and begins mowing down storm troopers. Quint uses the officer as a human shield and the troopers’ errant blasts kill him (the officer). A beggarly looking man in the crowd leaps forward and activates a light saber, and begins cutting down storm troopers as well. The Twi’lek mercenaries also join the fight. It takes several rounds, and one of the Twi’leks goes down, but Zahira, Quint, and the mysterious stranger all make it on to the Capering Wookiee and execute an emergency take-off. Quint blasts the control tower on the way up for good measure.

Meanwhile, on Sriluur
Zaquesh Rooleg starts at the Vapor Scream. The friendly bartender tells him that some other guys had been looking for Dexen Croft the day before. An Ishi Tib and an Armandi, both rough customers. He thinks they were part of Ujin Voli’s band, but he’s not sure. He says that Torsha Dawen down at the Meirm Speeder Emporium used to be tight with Ujin Voli and she might know something.

Zaquesh goes there and finds Torsha, an elderly Ithorian, knitting a scarf of mourning. She has heard the news that Ujin Voli was killed in space, not realizing that it was the crew of the Capering Wookiee (minus Zaquesh) that did it. She confirms that the Ishi Tib is Zirlig, an assassin that often worked for Ujin Voli, and the Aramandi is a mercenary called Ar’Wa Nonshik. She thinks both of them had become permanent fixtures in the Antar band over the last few years. With Ujin Voli dead and the Antar band wiped out, she sees no need to continue keeping the secret of where Ujin Voli’s hideout is. She shows Zaquesh on a map where to find it in Temptation Canyon.

Hell-bent on vengeance, the Gand sets out on his speeder.

Hypersapace Trip to the Ass-End of the Galaxy
If there’s a bright center to the universe, let’s get to the planet that it’s farthest from. Quint and Zahira (with some GM prompting) decide to lie low on a backwater planet with minimal Imperial oversight – Tatooine. During their six day hyperspace trip, they get to know their benefactor. His name is Corwin Shelvay, and he had some training as a Jedi before the Clone Wars. He was captured and tortured by High Inquisitor Tremayne, and is a broken old man today. He tells them of the diaspora of the few surviving Jedi Knights and how he is trying to re-establish contact with them. He also recognizes Zahira’s strong force (she is the only force-sensitive character) and begins training her how to control her powers.

The Weequay Temple
Back on Sriluur, Zaquesh performs his Findsman ritual and finds the hideout of Ujin Voli – an ancient Weequay temple hidden deep within Temptation Canyon. Huge blast doors seem to be the main entrance, but he goes around and finds a way to climb up one of the rear walls.

The temple is shaped rather like a ziggurat, and he finds a ladder-hole on the first level leading down to the inside. There are a couple of Y-Tie Uglies parked inside the lowermost level. He climbs up to the next level, which appear to be crew quarters. He can hear the sound of splashing water and low conversation from one of the rooms.

Inside are Zirlig and Ar’Wa. Zirlig is soaking in a bath and Ar’Wa is sitting nearby. Zaquesh confronts them and learns that Ujin Voli sent all of his lieutenants to get the location of Celis Mott’s treasure from Dexen Croft, as a kind of competitive test for promotion within the Antar Band. Naturally, they worked at cross-purposes, and Dexen ended up getting killed. The ensuing fight is short and bloody. Zaquesh sucker punches Ar’Wa right off the bat, but Zirlig bites him in the back with his powerful beak causing a wound. However, both mercenaries quickly end up dead and the Gand gains a point of honor.

A Call From Back Home
Quint gets a call from his brother Trip. “Hey, Quint! You gotta get down here. Me and Ace and Deuce all got a sweet gig going. Imperial scale, and all the overtime you can eat. Three hots and a cot every day. I can’t tell you what we’re working on, but it’s big. Huge. Contractor work for years for guys that know what their doing. I’ll send you a link if you want to apply, ok?”

Yes, three of his brothers are now all contractors on the new Death Star.

Session 7 - The Treasure of Celis Mott

Battle Aftermath
The crew drags Xishel, their Falleen prisoner, aboard the Capering Wookiee and everyone gets healed up by the medical droid. They question Xishel, who is willing to level with them. He did not shoot Dexen Croft, but he believes one of the Desac Pirates did. Zaquesh Rooleg heads off immediately to do his Gand locating ritual and extract vengeance.

Goin’ on a Treasure Hunt
The crew debates what to do with their captive and decide to abandon him on another planet. Xishel is okay with this. After dumping him, they follow the hyperspace route to an deep-space asteroid field. Gwen is able to pick up the pinging of a beacon deep within the field on the encrypted comm frequency. They follow it in, scanning and triangulating and dodging asteroids as they go while numerous mynocks attach themselves to their ship and start feeding on the power conduits. They finally arrive at a largish asteroid, about 50km in diameter and pocked with craters and jagged mountains. They locate the beacon at the center of a small crater, and Zahira lands the ship with a hard thump near the top of the crater.

Everyone puts on vacc suits and debarks while the R2 droids work on repairing the damage from Zahira’s rough landing. They stumble and fumble their way down into the crater and spot the beacon mast and what seems to be a box covered with a tarp. Quint pulls of the tarp and grabs the box and they lug it back to the ship.

Once in the cargo bay, they open it up. There is a note on top which reads:

_Hello future me!
Since it may be many years between stashing and retrieving this treasure cache, I thought I’d take the precaution of reminding you (future me) about Fluffy. She’s attracted to the mynocks, and they’re always terrible here. Best to just grab and go!
Best regards,
Present me

PS – If you’re not future me, please disregard this note. – CM
PPS – And leave the treasure. It’s all covered in space herpes. – CM_

Under this note are 10 1kg bars of gold, 5 1kg bars of platinum, a large bag of Imperial credits, and another bag of 100 Coruscant gems.

All the characters fail their awareness checks, and don’t notice the seismic rumbling under their ship until it is too late. Fluffy, it seems, is an Exogorth or giant space slug. Zahira manages to make it to the pilot’s seat and perform an emergency takeoff, but the space slug goes next and swallows the ship whole.

Gwen makes a strong Xenology check to know stuff about space slugs. They are a silicon-based life form that feed on rock and metals as well as mynocks. The digestion zone is quite roomy and they are able to land the ship on a slowly churning field of rocks and digestive fluid. Quint spots the remains of a single-seater spaceship in the chaos, and suits up again to go investigate. Meanwhile, Gwen works on turning Rooleg’s dandruff shampoo (Bug & Shoulders) into a torpedo that can be launched after doing some quick pseudo-scientific research. “Selenium should be as poisonous to a silicon-based life form as Arsenic is to us!”

What [u]really[/u] happened to Celis Mott
Quint cuts open the cockpit of the partially digested ship and finds a mummified corpse inside. More searching around reveals a paper journal with the same sort of paper that the note was scrawled on. All the entries in the journal appear to be in some sort of code, but the cryptic writing is accompanied by numerous maps with Xes on them. Perhaps the location of his other caches? Quint hauls the body and the journal back to the Capering Wookiee and Gwen launches the shampedo at the creature’s uvula. The poison stimulates the space slug’s gag reflex, and it vomits out the ship and several hundred tons of partially digested rock.

The Antar Band
Once they get clear of the asteroid, Quint runs a sensors sweep and spots seven ships lurking behind other asteroids. Six Y-Tie Uglys and one former Imperial corvette. Ujin Voli himself hails them from the corvette. “Turn over what is rightfully mine and I’ll let you keep your ship and your lives!” They elect to fight it out.

Zahira makes some phenomenal piloting checks and the Uglys can’t hit her. They need to escape the asteroid field before they can safely punch into hyperspace. Gwen hits Voli’s ship with a proton torpedo in the first round, wounding it, and then takes it all the way out in the second round. Quint guns down an Ugly, and two others crash into asteroids when they fail their piloting checks. Zahira turns the Capering Wookiee to fight the rest and they quickly demolish the remainder of the Antar Band (as well as several of the GM’s future plot hooks!).

Black Markets and Counterfeit Credits
They recall that Nawnam the Hutt still owes them a favor, so they set up a rendezvous with him on Nal Hutta. They land at the spaceport and pay their docking and refueling fees with the credits from the treasure cache. At the rendezvous, Nawnam greets them warmly and agrees to get them the best price on their metals and gems – about 60,000 credits. But when they return to their ship, there is a squad of storm trooper and an Imperial officer there. “You are under arrest for the crime of passing forged Imperial credits! Take them away.”

Session 6 - The Secret of the Deephopper

“So, what did we steal?”
Their last mission was to hijack an Imperial customs frigate, and use it to transport a local cell of rebel operatives to an Imperial supply depot to blow it up. While docked at the depot, they spotted a crated cargo just sitting there. They loaded it without looking at it.

Mission accomplished, they are now back on their home quarters at the Gricul Salvage Yards near Mierm City on Sriluur. The cargo appears to be a large shipment of Pacifog. They contact Kuna Shule of the Nexus Consortium, and he is very interested in it. They arrange to meet on Dirha, but a sensors check reveals a large swoop gang moving in on the rendezvous point.

Zahira does some fancy flying and they pull the Barn Swallow maneuver, getting Kuna and his speeder on board and airborne before the Swoop gang can get there. Kuna pays them handsomely for the Pacifog, and they decide to do some shopping in the markets of Dirha, a vast industrial planet.

Shopping and looking for cargo
They stock up, getting vacc suits, thermal detonators, and frag grenades. Quint purchases multiple droids – an astromech droid, a medical droid, and a droid chef for the galley. Zaquesh sells off a bunch of the spare blaster pistols and blaster rifles they have looted from various thugs and bounty hunters that have tried to kill them, and several of the PCs got some better armor.

Zahira buys a shipment of power converters on spec, and Gwen finds a load of Durains – large green fruit that the salesman is selling very cheap. They are suspicious of the fruit, but the vendor doesn’t allow them to inspect it closely. He takes their money and heads down to the betting house to place wagers on the pod races. The durains all turn out to be infected with worms, and they abandon the cargo. Zahira finds a good price for the power converters on another planet in the sector and they net about 9000 credits profit after expenses.

The Return and Demise of Dexen Croft
When they get back to Sriluur, Dexen’s ship, The Deephopper, is docked next to them at the salvage yards. It’s all shot up and she is working on some fairly major repairs. She doesn’t want to talk about her last run, but agrees to meet them over drinks at the Vapor Scream in the evening. The party heads into Meirm City to check up on how Rej Nygren is coming along at the Biscuit Baron, then goes to the Vapor Scream.

Dexen isn’t there. They talk to the bartender a bit, then Dexen comes stumbling in through the back door. She has been badly hit by a blaster. The PCs rush to her aid and hear her dying words, “Mott’s treasure… Engine’s lee… Beware sea shell…” Then she croaks.

On the hunt for treasure
Back at the salvage yards, they manage to break into the Deephopper. Her R2 droid is there. They find the engine’s lee – a dead spot in the ships vibration, and Quint cuts it open with a plasma cutter. Inside is a data disc with a hyperspace route and a communication encryption algorithm. While they are pondering this, a group of folks arrive in a speeder.

The leader is a tall Falleen, who introduces himself as Xishel. He claims that Dexen was working for him, and was killed by one of his competitors. He asks if she told them anything. Gwen and Zaquesh realize that he is lying about almost everything. Then Zaquesh connects Dexens warning about “sea shell” and the name “Xishel” and the fight commences.

Zaquesh rushes right in, while Quint and Zahira fire from the cargo hold of the Deephopper. Gwen runs for the bridge and fires up one of the ship’s laser cannons. Falleen has 10 bodyguards with him, six with blasters and four with vibro-blades. The fight turns out to be surprisingly rough, and Zahira and Quint are both wounded twice by the time it is done.

They get healed up by the medical droid, and drag the unconscious Falleen on board the Capering Wookiee for later questioning.

Session 5 - The Hijackers

After the harrowing series of tests along the Sisar Run, the crew of the Capering Wookiee has a few days to rest at the Gricul Salvage Yards on Sriluur in the Tharin Sector. Then Mal Biron asks them to meet about a special job.

They meet Mal in hangar 42 at the spaceport in Meirm City. Kalend Thora is there as well. Mal has chosen them because they have the right crew and the right ship for the job. It seems that the local rebel cell, the Sandwind Team, needs an Imperial customs frigate in order to accomplish an upcoming mission. Mal Biron has the itinerary of The Yanov, under the command of Captain Barse Neoman, who refuses to take bribes from Jatayus Outbound or its parent company XTS. Mal wants the Capering Wookiee to capture The Yanov, repair it if necessary, pick up the Sandwind Team, and figure out some ruse to land them safely at an Imperial Supply Depot, allow them to do their mission, and then exfiltrate them. Kalend Thora will back them up by running communications interference during the capture of The Yanov. He offers 25,000 credits.

They accept the job and ask for half up front, investing in an ion cannon for the CW. The timeline is tight. They debate about whether to do a full frontal attack or to do some sort of lame duck ruse. It ends up being a hybrid of the two plans. They cruise through the space lanes near B’Nish, acting like a typical cargo hauler and wait to be pulled over for customs inspection by The Yanov. Captain Neoman tells them to stand by to be boarded, and Quint hits them with the ion cannon, disabling their fire control systems. The Yanov radios for help, but Kalend Thora is standing by, jamming the signals. They try to evade, but Quint hits them again, knocking out their helm control.

The Capering Wookiee docks to The Yanov, and Zaquesh Rooleg is first inside. He immediately punches two of the storm troopers waiting on the other side of the airlock. Gwen, Quint, and Zahira follow behind hitting 3 more with their blasters. Zaquesh mops up the last one, leaving 4 dead and two wounded storm troopers.

From aft, they hear the sound of someone banging on a door and yelling, “Hello? What’s going on? Let me out!!” but they also hear the officers sealing themselves on the bridge. They go to the bridge and Gwen and Quint hack the sealed blast door. Captain Neoman and his first officer are frantically trying to get the ship operational again and are still calling for backup on the jammed subspace comms. Zaquesh intimidates them into surrender, and they are locked up in the brig along with the two injured storm troopers and the scruffy prisoner that was already in there, yelling to be let out. His name is Rej Nygren, and The Yanov had picked him up, adrift in space in a survival pod. He was marooned by Ujin Voli of the Antar pirate band for incompetence.

Quint makes the necessary repairs to The Yanov, and they fly to the Lesser Cueva Expanse to rendezvous with the Sandwind Team. Six rebel operatives, led by Lt. Jodar Frein. As they travel in hyperspace toward the Imperial supply depot, they discuss strategy. They decide the Sandwind Team will dress up in the storm troopers armor, and escort Rej Nygren to the holding facilities on the supply depot for pickup later by a different Imperial ship.

Zahira bluffs her way through the landing process at the supply depot and the Sandwind Team debarks, with Rej at their center. They escort him into the corridors, but once out of sight, they begin to execute their mission of blowing the power core. As soon as they do, alarms begin to go off and 30 storm troopers arrive in the docking bay. The Capering Wookiee crew are still all aboard The Yanov, and they return fire on the storm troopers with the ship’s mounted laser cannons.

It’s super effective. They kill 22 of the 30 storm troopers. The remaining eight scramble out into the corridor and guard against the return of the Sandwind Team.

With the docking bay to themselves again, Zaquesh exits The Yanov and opens the security shutter holding the ship inside the supply depot. Quint and Gwen look around for things to steal and spot a small cargo in Imperial-marked crates. They hustle it aboard The Yanov without inspecting it. Zaquesh loots some grenades off the dead storm troopers and throws them out into the hallway, getting rid of six of the remaining eight. The Sandwind Team radios in that they have the charges planted and have 10 minutes to get out. It sounds like they are in a running firefight. Zaquesh dispatches the last two storm troopers and helps to exfiltrate the Sandwind Team. Everyone gets back on The Yanov and they fly out of the supply depot.

Six TIE fighters have scrambled, and they trade shots with The Yanov for a few rounds before they hit hyperspeed, disappearing as the supply depot explodes behind them.

They drop off The Sandwind team and recover their own ship. Rej Nygren begs them for passage to Sriluur, where he wants to get honest work at the Biscuit Baron. He tells them that Ujin Voli marooned him because he had overheard that Voli had a hot lead on the hidden treasure of infamous pirate king Celis Mott.

Session 4 - Running the Sisar

Rest and Refit
The crew of the Capering Wookiee spends a couple of weeks upgrading their ship with components from the Iceman’s bounty hunter ship. Quint makes a quick job out of upgrading shields, hyperdrive, weapon targeting systems, and other improvements. Near the end of this time for resting and re-fitting, they are approached by a Shistavenen freebooter named Mal Biron. He works for Jatayus Outbound and is interested in hiring some independent crews for special contract jobs.

Is this a job offer?
He invites the crew to meet with him tomorrow at Docking Bay 42 in Meirm City. When they arrive, several other ship’s crews are already there enjoying drinks and snacks. Mal appears and explains that he is dividing a valuable cargo among 6 ships for a run along the Sisar. Each crew will be paid 5000 credits with the first crew arriving gaining a 5000 credit bonus. He also explains that crews who handle the challenges of this run well will be considered for contract employment with Jatayus. Each of the crews is given a datapad that will interface with their nav computers to give them their first location to arrive at.

Does the chicken seem trustworthy?
One of the spacers, a Quor’Sav (think giant ostrich-person) named Kal C’ndros, approaches the crew and makes an offer of cooperation. Since she has no crew, she would feel safer with someone watching her back. She suggests they share information, and split the bonus if the winner benefits from information given by the other party. The crew agrees.

The crews scramble for their ships. The first destination is a comsat right near the plasma plume of the Novolek Beacon. Ships have to fly close to decode the signal coming from the comsat, but the Beacon creates all kinds of navigational difficulties in both real space and hyperspace for the ships. The Capering Wookiee gets to the comsat second and intercepts its message with the location to pick up the cargo – Nwarcol Point Station.

The mynocks are bad this month
The ships have to fly out of range of the hyperspace disturbance created by the beacon, then hyperspace to Nwarcol Point. They find their contact and their cargo and decrypt the delivery location – a luxury liner called Destination: Adventure! They save some time on the pickup by using their speeder, but miss insisting on the code phrase from their contact.

Curse your inevitable betrayal!
When they arrive at the new hyperspace location, they intercept a transmission from the human freighter: He is secretly a member of the Disac Pirates, turns on the other haulers, and summons three other pirate ships! A cordon of Imperial fighters stands between the pirates and the luxury liner. The crew disables two of the pirate vessels and crosses the Imperial blockade, arriving first to the star yacht.

The other crews tussle with the turncoat and the remaining pirate ship and manage to arrive later, leaving the Imperials to do the mopping up.

One final test of loyalty
Mal Biron is there waiting. He congratulates the surviving crews and pays them off. The PC crew is approached by the Givin smuggler, who offers them 10,000 credits for their cargo – offering a sweeter deal to rip off Mal Biron, effectively. They decline, and Biron quickly discovers the Givin’s treachery.

It appears the Capering Wookiee has a source of steady employment going forward!

Session 3 - Temptation Canyon

The crew had safely returned Nawnam the Hutt to his secure compound on Nal Hutta, and were now on their way back to Sriluur to meet with Ballin Drushig, their data fixer, and Kuna Shule. They have a rendezvous with Ballin Drushig in just a few hours to obtain their BoSS credentials and Captain’s license, and Kuna Shule is still patiently waiting for transport to Dirha.

Their rescue and evacuation of Nawnam earned them a new enemy – Nawnam’s rival crimelord Ganis the Hutt. They decide to land their ship out in the desert and take the repulsorlift vehicle into Meirm City to rendezvous with Ballin at the Vapor Scream. When they arrive, the bartender beckons them over and pours them all drinks. " Dexen Croft told me to serve you a round on her if you ever wandered in this way again." One of the drinks is served on a cocktail napkin with a note scribbled on it. It reads, “G has spies everywhere. Suggest you look for a job. DC”

They go over to the public holonet station and look at the job listings. One of them reads – “Greenies! – All New Independent Spacers” and has a downloadable file. When they ran into Dexen earlier, she had called them greenies and Zaquesh realizes that the capital letters in the message spell GANIS. They download the file and decode it. “Be careful at your meeting with Ballin Drushig. He’s legit and wouldn’t double-cross you, but Ganis will probably have a bounty hunter or two waiting to pop out of the woodwork at your meeting. Suggest you find a way to reschedule. DC.”

They go looking for Kuna Shule and can’t find him. His communicator seems to be offline. They decide to avoid the meeting with Ballin Drushig, but return later to the Vapor Scream to talk to the bartender. He mentions that the Devaronian Band, Gash Nash and the Radioactive Ash went on late tonight, which is extremely unusual for them. The crew goes into the music and dancing part of the Vapor Scream and they talk to the band during a break.

Gash Nash tells them that a really blond human dude set them up for a high-paying gig across town, but when they got to it, there was no gig. So they had to scramble back and start late at the Vapor Scream. When they were hauling their gear in, a bunch of Houk were coming out the back door from the backstage area. Certainly, this was the ambush that was waiting for the crew if they had made the meeting with Ballin Drushig. Gash Nash tells them that the blond dude called himself The Iceman.

They do some research on The Iceman and learn that he’s a hot-shot bounty hunter. They find out where his ship is, trick the two Houks guarding it, and do some creative sabotage to his ship.

After that, they follow the bartender’s lead about Kuna Shule and ask questions at The Biscuit Baron. The server there tells them that Kuna Shule came in for breakfast, but when he left he got into a big speeder with a bunch of Houk and didn’t look too happy about it. Not long after this, they get a communicator call from The Iceman himself. “We’ve got Kuna Shule and we’ve got your data fixer. We can do this easy or do it hard. Ganis just wants to talk with you. Turn yourselves over to us and it will go easy. Do it the other way, and it’s going to go down HARD.”

They decide to turn themselves over and arrange to meet in two hours. They spend the time locating a weapons dealer and purchasing some concealable weapons. Zaquesh hides a thermal detonator on himself, Quint conceals a vibro-blade in his coveralls, and Zahira secrets a hold-out blaster on herself.

They meet with Iceman, are blindfolded, and driven out about an hour into the desert west of Meirm City. They are in a great canyon. Kuna Shule and Ballin Drushig are there, tied up. Ganis is there on his grav-sled, and The Iceman and ten of his Houk heavies are there. Ganis tells them that business is business and that no Hutt can appear to be weak, then orders the Houks to throw them all to the Bandigos in the pit below.

We roll initiative and the Houks go dead last. Zaquesh goes first and does his martial arts thing to make a hole in Ganis and stuff the thermal detonator into it. Quint and Zahira both get whacks in on some of the Houks. Then the detonator goes off. Bloody hunks of Hutt spray everywhere and four Houk are knocked out. Iceman can’t get a clear shot off and kills one of the Houk while trying to shoot Quint. Zaquesh murderizes another Houk and the rest surrender.

They loot Iceman and throw his body to the Bandigos, then take Kuna Shule and Ballin Drushig back to Meirm City. Ballin gets paid and they get their expertly forged paperwork for their ship, renamed The Capering Wookiee. Zahira runs Kuna Shule to Dirha (finally!) where he tells her that she owes him nothing for the ship – he views it as a long-term investment to help the Rebel Alliance. Quint and Zaquesh work on stripping the awesome weapon and sensor systems off Iceman’s ship to install on The Capering Wookiee at Gricul Salvage Yards. Hosk L’ya L’ya, now working at Gricul Salvage Yards, tell them that Mal Biron of Jatayus Outbound is looking for a ship and crew for the Sisar Run…

Session 2 - Heavy Lifting

Adventures at the Space DMV
Having escaped the destruction of Alderaan by running the Imperial blockade around the planet, The Merasy takes a dog-legged hyperspace route toward Hutt Space. They have two passengers, one willing and one less so. Kuna Shule is the Special Projects Director of the Nexus Consortium, who has paid for passage to Dirha with a small cargo of Kunda stones. And Hosk L’ya L’ya, the former proprietor of Hosk Transport and Logistics, was kidnapped/rescued from Alderaan when the PCs decided to steal the ship he thought he was selling to them. However, before they can land at any real star port, they need to get new identification for their ship, as well as all of the proper documentation.

During the final leg of their trip, Quint and Gwen tag-team altering the transponder, which takes multiple difficult checks of Mechanical, Security, Computer Programming, and Technical to get past all the tamper-proofing safeguards and change the transponder signal. Gwen also spends some time forging a new Ship’s Operating Permit and Captain’s Accredited License.

Gwen searches the navigation libraries and finds notes on Sriluur. Although the spaceport in Meirm City is controlled, ships can also dock at the Gricul Salvage Yards with no particular oversight. They touch down and negotiate docking fees and refueling costs. Hosk L’ya L’ya goes into the offices of the Gricul Salvage Yards to apply for work. The rest of the group heads over to Meirm Speeder Emporium to rent a speeder. The owner, an Ithorian named Torsha Dawen, suggests that “data services” can often be procured in Meirm City at a bar in the spacer sector called The Vapor Scream.

The Vapor Scream
In the Vapor Scream, Quint spends some time talking to a seasoned spacer named Dexen Croft about the risks and rewards of the Sisar Run. She also tells him that Ballin Drushig, a skilled data fixer, does business out of one of the curtained booths in the band/dance room portion of the bar. They go back and see the band open their show – it’s an all-Devaronian band called Gash Nash and the Radioactive Ash, and they play a lot of old-school funk.

They talk with Ballin Drushig, who asks a lot of detailed questions about their encounter with the Imperials. He recommends that Zahira gets a vocal implant to alter her voice-print, approves of the forgery work that Gwen did on the Captain’s Accredited License, but feels that he could do better on the Ship’s Operating Permit, and agrees to hack into the Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) registry to create a new record and history of their renamed ship. (Not yet named – I gave them until the next session to decide on a new name). He also recommends that they shift some bulkheads around in the ship to change how it appears on scanners, just to be safe. They negotiate a price of 6500 credits and agree to meet back in the same place in 24 hours. Just as their conversation is wrapping up, a burly Klatooinian shoves his way into the booth and begins to pressure Ballin Drushig for the money he owes to Nawnam the Hutt. Ballin says he is working on it and will have all the money by this time tomorrow. F’ej D’aw, the Klatooinian enforcer, agrees to hold off for another 24 hours. Kuna Shule offers to front them the money to pay Ballin, but only if they agree to find a sample of Pacifog for his planned research on Dirha.

The crew returns to the main part of the bar, away from the band and Ballin Drushig. Dexen Croft has left, and they spend some time looking for a quick cargo run they can do without documentation. One job posted in the notices looks ideal – haul a modest cargo to Nal Hutta but speed is of the essence, paying 10,000 credits if able to depart immediately. They leave Kuna Shule behind, planning to make this quick cargo run and be back in time to get their documentation from Ballin Drushig.

Heavy Lifting
They call the contact number and find themselves speaking to none other than F’ej D’aw – the enforcer they had met earlier. He gives them an address in the warehouse district and asks to meet them there. When they arrive, F’ej D’aw carefully disarms a booby trap and leads them into the back of a warehouse. Nawnam the Hutt was hurt in an assassination attempt by a rival Hutt earlier in the day and he is too injured to move. He needs to get to his secure compound on Nal Hutta before the assassin can strike again. The crew returns to Meirm Speeder Emporium and trades their speeder for a grav-sled with a covered cargo box. When they get back to the warehouse, F’ej D’aw opens the warehouse door and comes out to examine the sled. That’s when the hit team attacks. Gennan Var, a Twi’lek bounty hunter backed up by seven local thugs do some tough talk and draw blasters.

We roll initiative and Gand goes first. He rushes across the street and rolls fantastically well. He one-punches Gennan Var and does terrific damage, mortally wounding him. He then intimidates the local thugs into running off. They drag Gennan Var into the warehouse and loot his armor and weapons. Gwen steals the thermal detonator from the booby trap. They spend some time getting the cargo lifter in the warehouse working to load Nawnam into the grav-sled, and make their way unimpeded to The Merasy.

They take off, but once they clear atmosphere they are hailed by Ganis the Hutt, aboard his personal yacht and accompanied by six Z-95 headhunters. He offers to pay them triple what Nawnam promised them if they return to the surface of Sriluur, or otherwise be blown out of the sky. Though triple the money is tempting, the crew decides they don’t want to gain a reputation for welching on deals. The yacht opens up with a tractor beam, but is unable to capture the wily Merasy. There is a brief, harmless exchange of fire among the ships – everyone either misses or fails to do damage. Quint programs in a hyperspace route for Nal Hutta, and they jump their way out of danger.

Nawnam the Hutt is safely delivered to his compound on Nal Hutta, and rewards the crew with 15,000 credits and compliments them on their bravery and honesty – Nawnam the Hutt owes them a favor sometime in the future. However, they have certainly now made an enemy out of Ganis the Hutt. They plot a course to return to Sriluur and we will pick up there next time.

Session 1 - Escape from Alderaan

Our four PCs are all acquainted with one another and have been living the freewheeling lives of space hobos, working as hired crew on different tramp freighters. They all crewed together on their last job, and got word of a potentially profitable run of Bacta from Alderaan to Hutt Space.

They’ve been in the capital city of Aldera for a week or so, and have had time to scout out the city and the spaceport. The ship with the cargo of Bacta is supposed to take off in a couple of days, so they are killing time at the Aldera Alibi in the Spacer’s quarter.

One of the patrons in the bar ambles over to the comms terminal to check for any recent job postings and utters a cry of shock: “They’ve closed the spaceport! The frickin Empire has declared the spaceport closed to commercial and private traffic until 1800 hours.” There are groans of frustration from around the bar as spacers begin altering flight plans, and notifying passengers of delays.

Gwen gets busy slicing into the Empire communications channels and finds the chatter. All Imperial troops are to be off-planet by 1800 hours. And the Empire has established a short-duration blockade around Alderaan at a distance of 50,000 km “to prevent unauthorized take-offs and landings on Alderaan”.

Zaquesh looks out the window and sees squads of Imperial troops and officials streaming into the spaceport, and Imperial transport ships are taking off every few minutes.

(Obviously, player meta-game knowledge is flashing giant red warning lights here.)

They decide to head to the spaceport to see what, if anything, they can do, when an impeccably dressed corporate type crashes into them. “You’re spacers! I urgently need to get off this planet in the next 3 hours! Just me and a small cargo.” He hefts a couple of heavy suitcases.

He introduces himself as Kuna Shule, a special projects director for the Nexus Consortium. He needs to be on his way to Dirha quickly, and he says the suitcases are full of “scientific samples.” He’s been turned down by all the other spacers because the spaceport is closed and no one is willing to attempt an unauthorized departure with all the Imperial activity.

They head into the spaceport. They had been eyeing some of the used ships at Hosk Transport and Logistics, and they start looking them over again. Zahira really likes the looks of the TL-1800, but Quint looks it over and declares it to be a maintenance nightmare. They spend some time debating between the remaining two ships – a Nova Drive 3-Z and a Barloz Medium Class freighter. With appropriate rolls to make some quick determinations about their condition, speed, offensive and defensive capabilities, they settle on the Nova Drive 3-Z.

Zaquesh starts negotiating price with Hosk, the Bothan proprietor while Zahira goes to check out the inside of the ship. Then things get a bit confusing. Gwen tell Kuna Shule that they don’t currently have a ship and may need some help purchasing one. Kuna Shule seems well motivated to make a deal and offers to lend them the money to purchase the ship. While she negotiates with him, Quint decides that there’s nothing wrong with stealing a ship and hacks the docking clamps to release. Zahira starts playing with the controls and Quint gestures everyone on board, including Hosk.

Hosk is furious when Zahira takes off and Zaquesh has to restrain him. The control tower orders the ship to land immediately, but they take off and clear atmo. One of the blockading Imperial destroyers dispatches a couple of TIE fighters to escort the rogue ship back to the port, but Zahira turns off the comms and takes evasive action. They dodge a few rounds of fire from the TIE fighters while Quint gets the astrogation computer up and running. They punch into hyperspace as the peaceful planet of Alderaan explodes dramatically behind them.

Quint plots a convuluted and dog-legged hyperspace route to Dirha, in Hutt Space. During the several days of the voyage, Kuna Shule reveals that the samples he is carrying are Kunda Stones. A colleague of his had delivered a large shipment of Kunda Stones to the Empire, and he got word that they had something to do with a chemical agent the Empire was working on called Pacifog. He thinks the Kunda Stones are needed to make special breathing filters for Imperial troops so they won’t be affected by their own chemical weapon. Kuna reluctantly admits that he is taking the sample to Dirha so that manufacturers sympathetic to the Rebel cause can start creating their own filters against the chemical weapon.

Hosk has very mixed feelings – he is still furious that these spacers stole his ship and kidnapped him for no reason, but also realizes that they saved his life. So he vacillates between gratitude and anger. Kuna Shule has a private conversation with him and (presumably) pays him for the ship.

The crew has to figure out what to do with their ship – They have no operating license, no captain’s permit, and no valid registration with BoSS. So they can try to find a smuggler’s port to get forged credentials, which is very expensive. Or they can land at the Dirha spaceport and do everything legal and official, which is less expensive but more time-consuming and involves a lot of background checks. “Adventures at the DMV” – Quint calls it. Or they can drop Kuna Shule and Hosk off on a remote part of Dirha and deal with their credentialling later.


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