Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 2 - Heavy Lifting

Adventures at the Space DMV
Having escaped the destruction of Alderaan by running the Imperial blockade around the planet, The Merasy takes a dog-legged hyperspace route toward Hutt Space. They have two passengers, one willing and one less so. Kuna Shule is the Special Projects Director of the Nexus Consortium, who has paid for passage to Dirha with a small cargo of Kunda stones. And Hosk L’ya L’ya, the former proprietor of Hosk Transport and Logistics, was kidnapped/rescued from Alderaan when the PCs decided to steal the ship he thought he was selling to them. However, before they can land at any real star port, they need to get new identification for their ship, as well as all of the proper documentation.

During the final leg of their trip, Quint and Gwen tag-team altering the transponder, which takes multiple difficult checks of Mechanical, Security, Computer Programming, and Technical to get past all the tamper-proofing safeguards and change the transponder signal. Gwen also spends some time forging a new Ship’s Operating Permit and Captain’s Accredited License.

Gwen searches the navigation libraries and finds notes on Sriluur. Although the spaceport in Meirm City is controlled, ships can also dock at the Gricul Salvage Yards with no particular oversight. They touch down and negotiate docking fees and refueling costs. Hosk L’ya L’ya goes into the offices of the Gricul Salvage Yards to apply for work. The rest of the group heads over to Meirm Speeder Emporium to rent a speeder. The owner, an Ithorian named Torsha Dawen, suggests that “data services” can often be procured in Meirm City at a bar in the spacer sector called The Vapor Scream.

The Vapor Scream
In the Vapor Scream, Quint spends some time talking to a seasoned spacer named Dexen Croft about the risks and rewards of the Sisar Run. She also tells him that Ballin Drushig, a skilled data fixer, does business out of one of the curtained booths in the band/dance room portion of the bar. They go back and see the band open their show – it’s an all-Devaronian band called Gash Nash and the Radioactive Ash, and they play a lot of old-school funk.

They talk with Ballin Drushig, who asks a lot of detailed questions about their encounter with the Imperials. He recommends that Zahira gets a vocal implant to alter her voice-print, approves of the forgery work that Gwen did on the Captain’s Accredited License, but feels that he could do better on the Ship’s Operating Permit, and agrees to hack into the Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) registry to create a new record and history of their renamed ship. (Not yet named – I gave them until the next session to decide on a new name). He also recommends that they shift some bulkheads around in the ship to change how it appears on scanners, just to be safe. They negotiate a price of 6500 credits and agree to meet back in the same place in 24 hours. Just as their conversation is wrapping up, a burly Klatooinian shoves his way into the booth and begins to pressure Ballin Drushig for the money he owes to Nawnam the Hutt. Ballin says he is working on it and will have all the money by this time tomorrow. F’ej D’aw, the Klatooinian enforcer, agrees to hold off for another 24 hours. Kuna Shule offers to front them the money to pay Ballin, but only if they agree to find a sample of Pacifog for his planned research on Dirha.

The crew returns to the main part of the bar, away from the band and Ballin Drushig. Dexen Croft has left, and they spend some time looking for a quick cargo run they can do without documentation. One job posted in the notices looks ideal – haul a modest cargo to Nal Hutta but speed is of the essence, paying 10,000 credits if able to depart immediately. They leave Kuna Shule behind, planning to make this quick cargo run and be back in time to get their documentation from Ballin Drushig.

Heavy Lifting
They call the contact number and find themselves speaking to none other than F’ej D’aw – the enforcer they had met earlier. He gives them an address in the warehouse district and asks to meet them there. When they arrive, F’ej D’aw carefully disarms a booby trap and leads them into the back of a warehouse. Nawnam the Hutt was hurt in an assassination attempt by a rival Hutt earlier in the day and he is too injured to move. He needs to get to his secure compound on Nal Hutta before the assassin can strike again. The crew returns to Meirm Speeder Emporium and trades their speeder for a grav-sled with a covered cargo box. When they get back to the warehouse, F’ej D’aw opens the warehouse door and comes out to examine the sled. That’s when the hit team attacks. Gennan Var, a Twi’lek bounty hunter backed up by seven local thugs do some tough talk and draw blasters.

We roll initiative and Gand goes first. He rushes across the street and rolls fantastically well. He one-punches Gennan Var and does terrific damage, mortally wounding him. He then intimidates the local thugs into running off. They drag Gennan Var into the warehouse and loot his armor and weapons. Gwen steals the thermal detonator from the booby trap. They spend some time getting the cargo lifter in the warehouse working to load Nawnam into the grav-sled, and make their way unimpeded to The Merasy.

They take off, but once they clear atmosphere they are hailed by Ganis the Hutt, aboard his personal yacht and accompanied by six Z-95 headhunters. He offers to pay them triple what Nawnam promised them if they return to the surface of Sriluur, or otherwise be blown out of the sky. Though triple the money is tempting, the crew decides they don’t want to gain a reputation for welching on deals. The yacht opens up with a tractor beam, but is unable to capture the wily Merasy. There is a brief, harmless exchange of fire among the ships – everyone either misses or fails to do damage. Quint programs in a hyperspace route for Nal Hutta, and they jump their way out of danger.

Nawnam the Hutt is safely delivered to his compound on Nal Hutta, and rewards the crew with 15,000 credits and compliments them on their bravery and honesty – Nawnam the Hutt owes them a favor sometime in the future. However, they have certainly now made an enemy out of Ganis the Hutt. They plot a course to return to Sriluur and we will pick up there next time.


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