Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 3 - Temptation Canyon

The crew had safely returned Nawnam the Hutt to his secure compound on Nal Hutta, and were now on their way back to Sriluur to meet with Ballin Drushig, their data fixer, and Kuna Shule. They have a rendezvous with Ballin Drushig in just a few hours to obtain their BoSS credentials and Captain’s license, and Kuna Shule is still patiently waiting for transport to Dirha.

Their rescue and evacuation of Nawnam earned them a new enemy – Nawnam’s rival crimelord Ganis the Hutt. They decide to land their ship out in the desert and take the repulsorlift vehicle into Meirm City to rendezvous with Ballin at the Vapor Scream. When they arrive, the bartender beckons them over and pours them all drinks. " Dexen Croft told me to serve you a round on her if you ever wandered in this way again." One of the drinks is served on a cocktail napkin with a note scribbled on it. It reads, “G has spies everywhere. Suggest you look for a job. DC”

They go over to the public holonet station and look at the job listings. One of them reads – “Greenies! – All New Independent Spacers” and has a downloadable file. When they ran into Dexen earlier, she had called them greenies and Zaquesh realizes that the capital letters in the message spell GANIS. They download the file and decode it. “Be careful at your meeting with Ballin Drushig. He’s legit and wouldn’t double-cross you, but Ganis will probably have a bounty hunter or two waiting to pop out of the woodwork at your meeting. Suggest you find a way to reschedule. DC.”

They go looking for Kuna Shule and can’t find him. His communicator seems to be offline. They decide to avoid the meeting with Ballin Drushig, but return later to the Vapor Scream to talk to the bartender. He mentions that the Devaronian Band, Gash Nash and the Radioactive Ash went on late tonight, which is extremely unusual for them. The crew goes into the music and dancing part of the Vapor Scream and they talk to the band during a break.

Gash Nash tells them that a really blond human dude set them up for a high-paying gig across town, but when they got to it, there was no gig. So they had to scramble back and start late at the Vapor Scream. When they were hauling their gear in, a bunch of Houk were coming out the back door from the backstage area. Certainly, this was the ambush that was waiting for the crew if they had made the meeting with Ballin Drushig. Gash Nash tells them that the blond dude called himself The Iceman.

They do some research on The Iceman and learn that he’s a hot-shot bounty hunter. They find out where his ship is, trick the two Houks guarding it, and do some creative sabotage to his ship.

After that, they follow the bartender’s lead about Kuna Shule and ask questions at The Biscuit Baron. The server there tells them that Kuna Shule came in for breakfast, but when he left he got into a big speeder with a bunch of Houk and didn’t look too happy about it. Not long after this, they get a communicator call from The Iceman himself. “We’ve got Kuna Shule and we’ve got your data fixer. We can do this easy or do it hard. Ganis just wants to talk with you. Turn yourselves over to us and it will go easy. Do it the other way, and it’s going to go down HARD.”

They decide to turn themselves over and arrange to meet in two hours. They spend the time locating a weapons dealer and purchasing some concealable weapons. Zaquesh hides a thermal detonator on himself, Quint conceals a vibro-blade in his coveralls, and Zahira secrets a hold-out blaster on herself.

They meet with Iceman, are blindfolded, and driven out about an hour into the desert west of Meirm City. They are in a great canyon. Kuna Shule and Ballin Drushig are there, tied up. Ganis is there on his grav-sled, and The Iceman and ten of his Houk heavies are there. Ganis tells them that business is business and that no Hutt can appear to be weak, then orders the Houks to throw them all to the Bandigos in the pit below.

We roll initiative and the Houks go dead last. Zaquesh goes first and does his martial arts thing to make a hole in Ganis and stuff the thermal detonator into it. Quint and Zahira both get whacks in on some of the Houks. Then the detonator goes off. Bloody hunks of Hutt spray everywhere and four Houk are knocked out. Iceman can’t get a clear shot off and kills one of the Houk while trying to shoot Quint. Zaquesh murderizes another Houk and the rest surrender.

They loot Iceman and throw his body to the Bandigos, then take Kuna Shule and Ballin Drushig back to Meirm City. Ballin gets paid and they get their expertly forged paperwork for their ship, renamed The Capering Wookiee. Zahira runs Kuna Shule to Dirha (finally!) where he tells her that she owes him nothing for the ship – he views it as a long-term investment to help the Rebel Alliance. Quint and Zaquesh work on stripping the awesome weapon and sensor systems off Iceman’s ship to install on The Capering Wookiee at Gricul Salvage Yards. Hosk L’ya L’ya, now working at Gricul Salvage Yards, tell them that Mal Biron of Jatayus Outbound is looking for a ship and crew for the Sisar Run…


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