Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 6 - The Secret of the Deephopper

“So, what did we steal?”
Their last mission was to hijack an Imperial customs frigate, and use it to transport a local cell of rebel operatives to an Imperial supply depot to blow it up. While docked at the depot, they spotted a crated cargo just sitting there. They loaded it without looking at it.

Mission accomplished, they are now back on their home quarters at the Gricul Salvage Yards near Mierm City on Sriluur. The cargo appears to be a large shipment of Pacifog. They contact Kuna Shule of the Nexus Consortium, and he is very interested in it. They arrange to meet on Dirha, but a sensors check reveals a large swoop gang moving in on the rendezvous point.

Zahira does some fancy flying and they pull the Barn Swallow maneuver, getting Kuna and his speeder on board and airborne before the Swoop gang can get there. Kuna pays them handsomely for the Pacifog, and they decide to do some shopping in the markets of Dirha, a vast industrial planet.

Shopping and looking for cargo
They stock up, getting vacc suits, thermal detonators, and frag grenades. Quint purchases multiple droids – an astromech droid, a medical droid, and a droid chef for the galley. Zaquesh sells off a bunch of the spare blaster pistols and blaster rifles they have looted from various thugs and bounty hunters that have tried to kill them, and several of the PCs got some better armor.

Zahira buys a shipment of power converters on spec, and Gwen finds a load of Durains – large green fruit that the salesman is selling very cheap. They are suspicious of the fruit, but the vendor doesn’t allow them to inspect it closely. He takes their money and heads down to the betting house to place wagers on the pod races. The durains all turn out to be infected with worms, and they abandon the cargo. Zahira finds a good price for the power converters on another planet in the sector and they net about 9000 credits profit after expenses.

The Return and Demise of Dexen Croft
When they get back to Sriluur, Dexen’s ship, The Deephopper, is docked next to them at the salvage yards. It’s all shot up and she is working on some fairly major repairs. She doesn’t want to talk about her last run, but agrees to meet them over drinks at the Vapor Scream in the evening. The party heads into Meirm City to check up on how Rej Nygren is coming along at the Biscuit Baron, then goes to the Vapor Scream.

Dexen isn’t there. They talk to the bartender a bit, then Dexen comes stumbling in through the back door. She has been badly hit by a blaster. The PCs rush to her aid and hear her dying words, “Mott’s treasure… Engine’s lee… Beware sea shell…” Then she croaks.

On the hunt for treasure
Back at the salvage yards, they manage to break into the Deephopper. Her R2 droid is there. They find the engine’s lee – a dead spot in the ships vibration, and Quint cuts it open with a plasma cutter. Inside is a data disc with a hyperspace route and a communication encryption algorithm. While they are pondering this, a group of folks arrive in a speeder.

The leader is a tall Falleen, who introduces himself as Xishel. He claims that Dexen was working for him, and was killed by one of his competitors. He asks if she told them anything. Gwen and Zaquesh realize that he is lying about almost everything. Then Zaquesh connects Dexens warning about “sea shell” and the name “Xishel” and the fight commences.

Zaquesh rushes right in, while Quint and Zahira fire from the cargo hold of the Deephopper. Gwen runs for the bridge and fires up one of the ship’s laser cannons. Falleen has 10 bodyguards with him, six with blasters and four with vibro-blades. The fight turns out to be surprisingly rough, and Zahira and Quint are both wounded twice by the time it is done.

They get healed up by the medical droid, and drag the unconscious Falleen on board the Capering Wookiee for later questioning.


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