Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 7 - The Treasure of Celis Mott

Battle Aftermath
The crew drags Xishel, their Falleen prisoner, aboard the Capering Wookiee and everyone gets healed up by the medical droid. They question Xishel, who is willing to level with them. He did not shoot Dexen Croft, but he believes one of the Desac Pirates did. Zaquesh Rooleg heads off immediately to do his Gand locating ritual and extract vengeance.

Goin’ on a Treasure Hunt
The crew debates what to do with their captive and decide to abandon him on another planet. Xishel is okay with this. After dumping him, they follow the hyperspace route to an deep-space asteroid field. Gwen is able to pick up the pinging of a beacon deep within the field on the encrypted comm frequency. They follow it in, scanning and triangulating and dodging asteroids as they go while numerous mynocks attach themselves to their ship and start feeding on the power conduits. They finally arrive at a largish asteroid, about 50km in diameter and pocked with craters and jagged mountains. They locate the beacon at the center of a small crater, and Zahira lands the ship with a hard thump near the top of the crater.

Everyone puts on vacc suits and debarks while the R2 droids work on repairing the damage from Zahira’s rough landing. They stumble and fumble their way down into the crater and spot the beacon mast and what seems to be a box covered with a tarp. Quint pulls of the tarp and grabs the box and they lug it back to the ship.

Once in the cargo bay, they open it up. There is a note on top which reads:

_Hello future me!
Since it may be many years between stashing and retrieving this treasure cache, I thought I’d take the precaution of reminding you (future me) about Fluffy. She’s attracted to the mynocks, and they’re always terrible here. Best to just grab and go!
Best regards,
Present me

PS – If you’re not future me, please disregard this note. – CM
PPS – And leave the treasure. It’s all covered in space herpes. – CM_

Under this note are 10 1kg bars of gold, 5 1kg bars of platinum, a large bag of Imperial credits, and another bag of 100 Coruscant gems.

All the characters fail their awareness checks, and don’t notice the seismic rumbling under their ship until it is too late. Fluffy, it seems, is an Exogorth or giant space slug. Zahira manages to make it to the pilot’s seat and perform an emergency takeoff, but the space slug goes next and swallows the ship whole.

Gwen makes a strong Xenology check to know stuff about space slugs. They are a silicon-based life form that feed on rock and metals as well as mynocks. The digestion zone is quite roomy and they are able to land the ship on a slowly churning field of rocks and digestive fluid. Quint spots the remains of a single-seater spaceship in the chaos, and suits up again to go investigate. Meanwhile, Gwen works on turning Rooleg’s dandruff shampoo (Bug & Shoulders) into a torpedo that can be launched after doing some quick pseudo-scientific research. “Selenium should be as poisonous to a silicon-based life form as Arsenic is to us!”

What [u]really[/u] happened to Celis Mott
Quint cuts open the cockpit of the partially digested ship and finds a mummified corpse inside. More searching around reveals a paper journal with the same sort of paper that the note was scrawled on. All the entries in the journal appear to be in some sort of code, but the cryptic writing is accompanied by numerous maps with Xes on them. Perhaps the location of his other caches? Quint hauls the body and the journal back to the Capering Wookiee and Gwen launches the shampedo at the creature’s uvula. The poison stimulates the space slug’s gag reflex, and it vomits out the ship and several hundred tons of partially digested rock.

The Antar Band
Once they get clear of the asteroid, Quint runs a sensors sweep and spots seven ships lurking behind other asteroids. Six Y-Tie Uglys and one former Imperial corvette. Ujin Voli himself hails them from the corvette. “Turn over what is rightfully mine and I’ll let you keep your ship and your lives!” They elect to fight it out.

Zahira makes some phenomenal piloting checks and the Uglys can’t hit her. They need to escape the asteroid field before they can safely punch into hyperspace. Gwen hits Voli’s ship with a proton torpedo in the first round, wounding it, and then takes it all the way out in the second round. Quint guns down an Ugly, and two others crash into asteroids when they fail their piloting checks. Zahira turns the Capering Wookiee to fight the rest and they quickly demolish the remainder of the Antar Band (as well as several of the GM’s future plot hooks!).

Black Markets and Counterfeit Credits
They recall that Nawnam the Hutt still owes them a favor, so they set up a rendezvous with him on Nal Hutta. They land at the spaceport and pay their docking and refueling fees with the credits from the treasure cache. At the rendezvous, Nawnam greets them warmly and agrees to get them the best price on their metals and gems – about 60,000 credits. But when they return to their ship, there is a squad of storm trooper and an Imperial officer there. “You are under arrest for the crime of passing forged Imperial credits! Take them away.”


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