“Sriluur is the source of every foul wind that blows through the galaxy.”
―Common smuggler’s expression

Sriluur was a planet in the Tharin sector of the Outer Rim. Homeworld to the sentient Weequay species, Sriluur held a key position along the Sisar Run, one of the many important hyperlanes connecting Hutt Space with the rest of the Outer Rim. The planet was orbited by five moons, most notably Ruul, the only one of the five able to support life. It was an arid world covered in deserts, volcanoes and acidic seas. Despite this, the planet was almost entirely self-sufficient thanks to an unlikely but very productive agricultural sector. The planet had enormous reserves of copper, but this resource went largely untapped by miners. Historically, the planet was part of Hutt Space, which meant Hutt crime lords and representatives of the Black Sun criminal organization were a common sight on Sriluur.

The planet was colonized by a large group of Houk around 282 BBY, an event that was met with resentment from the Weequay. The ensuing Houk–Weequay conflicts lasted until the Galactic Empire, fearing growing smuggling and Rebel tendencies, occupied the planet shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Even though the Empire established a sizable military presence, crime continued to rise in the sector. Sriluur was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong Empire in 26 ABY, and its inhabitants were enslaved. By 137 ABY, the world had been claimed by Darth Krayt’s Galactic Empire.

Sriluur was an important world along the Sisar Run hyperlane, which connected the Outer Rim Territories with some of the oldest portions of Hutt Space through the Ac’fren Spur branch. The planet also served as a nexus for numerous other local trade routes, making it a popular destination for traders. Sriluur was orbited by five moons; of particular note was Ruul, a habitable world that was almost fully owned by the Weequay Bulq clan.

The dominant topographical features of Sriluur were white deserts, dry scrub-lands and rocky fields, and sandstorms were frequent. The planet had enormous copper reserves, but these were never exploited through large-scale mining, with miners instead preferring to focus on other metals, minerals and gems—exports vital to Sriluur’s economy. Its oceans were high in acid content, but still home to some lifeforms. Nearly all of the planet’s northern hemisphere was covered by the Great Cueva Expanse, an enormous desert consisting mainly of crater holes. The southern hemisphere, littered with dormant volcanoes and black transparisteel canyons, was home to most of the planet’s inhabitants. Despite the harsh environment, Sriluur was almost entirely self-sustaining, with an extensive agricultural sector centered around the Cupric Islands. Clean water was a very valuable commodity on the planet, with most of the supply originating on nearby Sedri. The largest settlements on the arid world were the Meirm City, the main trading port Dnalvec, and the administrative center of Al-Campur. At the center of each Weequay city was a thal, a black stone shrine to their gods.

Politically, Sriluur was under Hutt hegemony for much of its history. While it maintained strong trade relations with the rest of Hutt Space, the Hutts never truly attempted to subjugate or conquer the planet, nor did they make efforts to enslave the Weequay. The enormous criminal organization Black Sun was also heavily represented on Sriluur, but it was not until the Galactic Empire seized control of the planet that it officially became part of a major political power.

Many non-sentient predators were native to Sriluur. The bandigos of Temptation Canyon were known for their distinctive howls, which many Weequay falsely attributed to “water nymphs”—the subject of at least one native myth. Bandigos hunted in packs of up to twenty individuals, and would often throw rocks at their prey. The dark wolves, referred to as raquor’daan in Sriluurian, were stealthy canines who employed poison claws and a stinger tail to kill their prey. They were considered natural enemies of the bandigos, and as such were well respected by the Weequay, who sometimes tamed the beasts to aid them in hunting.


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