Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 4 - Running the Sisar

Rest and Refit
The crew of the Capering Wookiee spends a couple of weeks upgrading their ship with components from the Iceman’s bounty hunter ship. Quint makes a quick job out of upgrading shields, hyperdrive, weapon targeting systems, and other improvements. Near the end of this time for resting and re-fitting, they are approached by a Shistavenen freebooter named Mal Biron. He works for Jatayus Outbound and is interested in hiring some independent crews for special contract jobs.

Is this a job offer?
He invites the crew to meet with him tomorrow at Docking Bay 42 in Meirm City. When they arrive, several other ship’s crews are already there enjoying drinks and snacks. Mal appears and explains that he is dividing a valuable cargo among 6 ships for a run along the Sisar. Each crew will be paid 5000 credits with the first crew arriving gaining a 5000 credit bonus. He also explains that crews who handle the challenges of this run well will be considered for contract employment with Jatayus. Each of the crews is given a datapad that will interface with their nav computers to give them their first location to arrive at.

Does the chicken seem trustworthy?
One of the spacers, a Quor’Sav (think giant ostrich-person) named Kal C’ndros, approaches the crew and makes an offer of cooperation. Since she has no crew, she would feel safer with someone watching her back. She suggests they share information, and split the bonus if the winner benefits from information given by the other party. The crew agrees.

The crews scramble for their ships. The first destination is a comsat right near the plasma plume of the Novolek Beacon. Ships have to fly close to decode the signal coming from the comsat, but the Beacon creates all kinds of navigational difficulties in both real space and hyperspace for the ships. The Capering Wookiee gets to the comsat second and intercepts its message with the location to pick up the cargo – Nwarcol Point Station.

The mynocks are bad this month
The ships have to fly out of range of the hyperspace disturbance created by the beacon, then hyperspace to Nwarcol Point. They find their contact and their cargo and decrypt the delivery location – a luxury liner called Destination: Adventure! They save some time on the pickup by using their speeder, but miss insisting on the code phrase from their contact.

Curse your inevitable betrayal!
When they arrive at the new hyperspace location, they intercept a transmission from the human freighter: He is secretly a member of the Disac Pirates, turns on the other haulers, and summons three other pirate ships! A cordon of Imperial fighters stands between the pirates and the luxury liner. The crew disables two of the pirate vessels and crosses the Imperial blockade, arriving first to the star yacht.

The other crews tussle with the turncoat and the remaining pirate ship and manage to arrive later, leaving the Imperials to do the mopping up.

One final test of loyalty
Mal Biron is there waiting. He congratulates the surviving crews and pays them off. The PC crew is approached by the Givin smuggler, who offers them 10,000 credits for their cargo – offering a sweeter deal to rip off Mal Biron, effectively. They decline, and Biron quickly discovers the Givin’s treachery.

It appears the Capering Wookiee has a source of steady employment going forward!


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