Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 5 - The Hijackers

After the harrowing series of tests along the Sisar Run, the crew of the Capering Wookiee has a few days to rest at the Gricul Salvage Yards on Sriluur in the Tharin Sector. Then Mal Biron asks them to meet about a special job.

They meet Mal in hangar 42 at the spaceport in Meirm City. Kalend Thora is there as well. Mal has chosen them because they have the right crew and the right ship for the job. It seems that the local rebel cell, the Sandwind Team, needs an Imperial customs frigate in order to accomplish an upcoming mission. Mal Biron has the itinerary of The Yanov, under the command of Captain Barse Neoman, who refuses to take bribes from Jatayus Outbound or its parent company XTS. Mal wants the Capering Wookiee to capture The Yanov, repair it if necessary, pick up the Sandwind Team, and figure out some ruse to land them safely at an Imperial Supply Depot, allow them to do their mission, and then exfiltrate them. Kalend Thora will back them up by running communications interference during the capture of The Yanov. He offers 25,000 credits.

They accept the job and ask for half up front, investing in an ion cannon for the CW. The timeline is tight. They debate about whether to do a full frontal attack or to do some sort of lame duck ruse. It ends up being a hybrid of the two plans. They cruise through the space lanes near B’Nish, acting like a typical cargo hauler and wait to be pulled over for customs inspection by The Yanov. Captain Neoman tells them to stand by to be boarded, and Quint hits them with the ion cannon, disabling their fire control systems. The Yanov radios for help, but Kalend Thora is standing by, jamming the signals. They try to evade, but Quint hits them again, knocking out their helm control.

The Capering Wookiee docks to The Yanov, and Zaquesh Rooleg is first inside. He immediately punches two of the storm troopers waiting on the other side of the airlock. Gwen, Quint, and Zahira follow behind hitting 3 more with their blasters. Zaquesh mops up the last one, leaving 4 dead and two wounded storm troopers.

From aft, they hear the sound of someone banging on a door and yelling, “Hello? What’s going on? Let me out!!” but they also hear the officers sealing themselves on the bridge. They go to the bridge and Gwen and Quint hack the sealed blast door. Captain Neoman and his first officer are frantically trying to get the ship operational again and are still calling for backup on the jammed subspace comms. Zaquesh intimidates them into surrender, and they are locked up in the brig along with the two injured storm troopers and the scruffy prisoner that was already in there, yelling to be let out. His name is Rej Nygren, and The Yanov had picked him up, adrift in space in a survival pod. He was marooned by Ujin Voli of the Antar pirate band for incompetence.

Quint makes the necessary repairs to The Yanov, and they fly to the Lesser Cueva Expanse to rendezvous with the Sandwind Team. Six rebel operatives, led by Lt. Jodar Frein. As they travel in hyperspace toward the Imperial supply depot, they discuss strategy. They decide the Sandwind Team will dress up in the storm troopers armor, and escort Rej Nygren to the holding facilities on the supply depot for pickup later by a different Imperial ship.

Zahira bluffs her way through the landing process at the supply depot and the Sandwind Team debarks, with Rej at their center. They escort him into the corridors, but once out of sight, they begin to execute their mission of blowing the power core. As soon as they do, alarms begin to go off and 30 storm troopers arrive in the docking bay. The Capering Wookiee crew are still all aboard The Yanov, and they return fire on the storm troopers with the ship’s mounted laser cannons.

It’s super effective. They kill 22 of the 30 storm troopers. The remaining eight scramble out into the corridor and guard against the return of the Sandwind Team.

With the docking bay to themselves again, Zaquesh exits The Yanov and opens the security shutter holding the ship inside the supply depot. Quint and Gwen look around for things to steal and spot a small cargo in Imperial-marked crates. They hustle it aboard The Yanov without inspecting it. Zaquesh loots some grenades off the dead storm troopers and throws them out into the hallway, getting rid of six of the remaining eight. The Sandwind Team radios in that they have the charges planted and have 10 minutes to get out. It sounds like they are in a running firefight. Zaquesh dispatches the last two storm troopers and helps to exfiltrate the Sandwind Team. Everyone gets back on The Yanov and they fly out of the supply depot.

Six TIE fighters have scrambled, and they trade shots with The Yanov for a few rounds before they hit hyperspeed, disappearing as the supply depot explodes behind them.

They drop off The Sandwind team and recover their own ship. Rej Nygren begs them for passage to Sriluur, where he wants to get honest work at the Biscuit Baron. He tells them that Ujin Voli marooned him because he had overheard that Voli had a hot lead on the hidden treasure of infamous pirate king Celis Mott.


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