Star Wars: The Long Shot Campaign

Session 8 - Baby You Don't Have To Live Like A Refugee!

Last session, Zaquesh Rooleg stayed behind on Sriluur to track down the killer of Dexen Croft while the rest of the crew went off to find the treasure of Celis Mott. The crew ended up on Nal Hutta, facing a charge of passing counterfeit Imperial credits. So we frequently cut back and forth between Rooleg’s hunt and the drama unfolding on Nal Hutta.

“You’re Under Arrest!”
When Zahira, Quint, and Gwen return to the spaceport, they are confronted by an Imperial officer and eight storm troopers with the charges of counterfeiting. Four more storm troopers are going through their ship. We have a rather long meta-game discussion about the consequences of fighting or cooperating with the Imperial authorities. Fighting would make them instant refugees from the Empire, leaving them unable to operate any longer above the radar. However, cooperating would mean a courtroom drama, possible imprisonment, a hefty fine and the possible loss of their ship. After some debating, they elect to fight. Since Gwen wasn’t at session, I ruled that she slipped off into the crowd at the first sight of the Imperials.

Zahira plays for time arguing with the Imperial officer while Quint discretely messages Nawnam the Hutt on his communicator asking if he can send some muscle to help them out. Nawnam agrees, in exchange for a future favor and two heavily built Twi’lek mercenaries show up in the crowd and give Quint the high sign.

Zahira spends a force point, draws her blaster, and begins mowing down storm troopers. Quint uses the officer as a human shield and the troopers’ errant blasts kill him (the officer). A beggarly looking man in the crowd leaps forward and activates a light saber, and begins cutting down storm troopers as well. The Twi’lek mercenaries also join the fight. It takes several rounds, and one of the Twi’leks goes down, but Zahira, Quint, and the mysterious stranger all make it on to the Capering Wookiee and execute an emergency take-off. Quint blasts the control tower on the way up for good measure.

Meanwhile, on Sriluur
Zaquesh Rooleg starts at the Vapor Scream. The friendly bartender tells him that some other guys had been looking for Dexen Croft the day before. An Ishi Tib and an Armandi, both rough customers. He thinks they were part of Ujin Voli’s band, but he’s not sure. He says that Torsha Dawen down at the Meirm Speeder Emporium used to be tight with Ujin Voli and she might know something.

Zaquesh goes there and finds Torsha, an elderly Ithorian, knitting a scarf of mourning. She has heard the news that Ujin Voli was killed in space, not realizing that it was the crew of the Capering Wookiee (minus Zaquesh) that did it. She confirms that the Ishi Tib is Zirlig, an assassin that often worked for Ujin Voli, and the Aramandi is a mercenary called Ar’Wa Nonshik. She thinks both of them had become permanent fixtures in the Antar band over the last few years. With Ujin Voli dead and the Antar band wiped out, she sees no need to continue keeping the secret of where Ujin Voli’s hideout is. She shows Zaquesh on a map where to find it in Temptation Canyon.

Hell-bent on vengeance, the Gand sets out on his speeder.

Hypersapace Trip to the Ass-End of the Galaxy
If there’s a bright center to the universe, let’s get to the planet that it’s farthest from. Quint and Zahira (with some GM prompting) decide to lie low on a backwater planet with minimal Imperial oversight – Tatooine. During their six day hyperspace trip, they get to know their benefactor. His name is Corwin Shelvay, and he had some training as a Jedi before the Clone Wars. He was captured and tortured by High Inquisitor Tremayne, and is a broken old man today. He tells them of the diaspora of the few surviving Jedi Knights and how he is trying to re-establish contact with them. He also recognizes Zahira’s strong force (she is the only force-sensitive character) and begins training her how to control her powers.

The Weequay Temple
Back on Sriluur, Zaquesh performs his Findsman ritual and finds the hideout of Ujin Voli – an ancient Weequay temple hidden deep within Temptation Canyon. Huge blast doors seem to be the main entrance, but he goes around and finds a way to climb up one of the rear walls.

The temple is shaped rather like a ziggurat, and he finds a ladder-hole on the first level leading down to the inside. There are a couple of Y-Tie Uglies parked inside the lowermost level. He climbs up to the next level, which appear to be crew quarters. He can hear the sound of splashing water and low conversation from one of the rooms.

Inside are Zirlig and Ar’Wa. Zirlig is soaking in a bath and Ar’Wa is sitting nearby. Zaquesh confronts them and learns that Ujin Voli sent all of his lieutenants to get the location of Celis Mott’s treasure from Dexen Croft, as a kind of competitive test for promotion within the Antar Band. Naturally, they worked at cross-purposes, and Dexen ended up getting killed. The ensuing fight is short and bloody. Zaquesh sucker punches Ar’Wa right off the bat, but Zirlig bites him in the back with his powerful beak causing a wound. However, both mercenaries quickly end up dead and the Gand gains a point of honor.

A Call From Back Home
Quint gets a call from his brother Trip. “Hey, Quint! You gotta get down here. Me and Ace and Deuce all got a sweet gig going. Imperial scale, and all the overtime you can eat. Three hots and a cot every day. I can’t tell you what we’re working on, but it’s big. Huge. Contractor work for years for guys that know what their doing. I’ll send you a link if you want to apply, ok?”

Yes, three of his brothers are now all contractors on the new Death Star.


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